• Meinos Kaen

2nd Day of JPDE-Mas [Ars Navigatio - Nasira and Pomare]

Hello everyone! For the 2nd day of JPDE-mas I'm bringing you an update on Ars Oratoria... Which is now Ars Navigatio.

Jesus, the hoops for this game... One thing I'm never going to forget from this is: never start making art resources until you have very clear what you need and what kind of game you want to make. It was a lesson in management.

The concept changed twice so far and most importantly, it made me realize that the work in our team needed to be split more evenly, especially since, unlike our fan-games, Ars Navigatio will need a consistent art-style.

Still, now we're here with the final versions of Nasira's and Pomare's designs, now that chocojax is the sprite artist, allowing Amaco to focus on concept art, like the one for Pomare's uniform... Let's just say that there's a reason why the Art of Oration has become the Art of Navigating. Can't wait to show you more in 2021

- Meinos Kaen

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