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4th Day of JPDE-Mas [JPDE2 BTS - The Sounds of JPDE2]

Hello, there, Meinos Kaen here for the 4th day of JPDE-Mas! Today we bring you a look into a recent skill I've picked up that will no doubt be extremely useful in all our endavours: sound mixing and mastering.

So, you may be familiar with the track playing in the final credits of JPDE - Sonata of Fire, Dreams of Jade -you can find an album of Best Of for the game on our Audius.co account! Sang by the talented AnnaPantsu -and me O.O- one criticism we got for the track was that it wasn't exactly very well mixed... And they were right.

I know that very well now, after following some online classes for the skill on Udemy. Mixing and mastering are very important and can transform a sound from good to great, be it a song, a sound effect or even just a voice clip...

Hence why, today I'd like to share a little video that shows the work that goes into mixing and mastering even just one audio clip for everyone's favourite BunBun! Enjoy!

- Meinos Kaen

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