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J.P.D.E. - Grand Opening & Itch.io

Hello there, Meinos Kaen here and welcome to JPDE.art, Team JPDE's official and official-looking website!

As we're reaching the completion of JPDE - Sonata of Fire's main story and moving on to more projects, including our very own first original game Ars Oratoria, we figured it was time to fade out the old wordpress website and go into something more official.

Hence this website, where you will be able to meet all the members of the team and find any information regarding all our projects in one neat, easy to navigate place. You will also find links to our official Twitter and Youtube accounts, our community Discord server and Patreon, where you can support development of our projects.

And speaking of development, another major change is that from now on, non-Patreon updates and links for our games will be featured on Itch.io. You can find the newest public release for JPDE - Sonata of Fire there right now and it will eventually have pages for all our games.

We're glad for all your support so far and hope you will continue to follow development of our games. If instead this is your first time with us, welcome! Grab a seat, stay a while and enjoy the journey!

- Meinos Kaen

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