• Meinos Kaen

ONHA - Meet the Girls (A)

Hello thar, Meinos Kaen here and... ONHA is finally on the right track.

Like, wow. Having to take a forced pause from JPDE2 was a god-send, in retrospect. It allowed us to regroup, think and now... RESULTS! If you're on the JPDE community discord, you might already have seen the preview of the map screen, which while being a WIP is still a more-in depth version of JPDE's. It's not going to be about single locations but areas of the city the game will take place in to explore.

You will explore it on your adventures with 5 different heroines, the first two of which you can see in the images attached to this post: Mina Ashido and Ikuyo Midoriya.

Yup. Ikuyo. :P

- Meinos Kaen

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