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Patreon, Digital Sales Tax & Ko-Fi

Hello thar, Meinos Kaen here and... Well, you've probably heard about this already but starting July the 1st Patreon will start complying with the digital sales tax law. These laws differ from state to state, even in the US, on both area of influence and amount.

Patreon has been quite transparent with this change and even gave quite a bit of leeway about how to adjust the different benefits provided to each tier and the value there-in. Now, the vast majority of the benefits provided by our Patreon shouldn't be taxable in the majority of states.

The only incognita is that, despite our current projects being not-for-profit right now, early access to builds could still be taxable -and it can't be omitted from the benefits because Patreon has provided itself with a keyword system that automatically detects tier benefits from descriptions-. I've done my best with the tools provided to try and minimize the impact of eventual DSTs on your pledges but we will only be able to see what that will be from the 1st of July.

I figured this would be a good time to revamp the opened but never really publicized Ko-fi page. For now it's a free account -subscription features are exclusive to Ko-fi gold accounts-, which means that it's just for one-time donations but if I see it getting enough use, we could be invest in it further.

I remain at your disposal for any questions and let's hope this change doesn't hit us too hard. I got subscriptions too! D:

- Meinos Kaen

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