Producer, director, writer and programmer who started the adventure of JPDE prompted by a friend and out of love for a character. "Hey, I've been dabbling in Ren'Py and this fanfiction idea sounds like it could make a good visual novel..." Thanks to skilled collaborators and a strong community, that act of love with a dear friend has transformed into a long-term creative project.




“I’m never absent, just not fully present… but if you dm, I’ll be there.” Bunnyvoid, an enthusiastic 2D/3D generalist with a background in architecture is the BG artist for Sonata of Fire and Ars Oratoria. Her main strengths lie in learning things on the go and keeping up with the growing demands of game development. She is grateful to the community for supporting all the projects.

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Illustrator and character artist with a mastery of colours who's been in the business for 10 years now, Sa-Dui is the main CG artist for JPDE - Sonata of Fire.




Lightboom joined the JPDE Team to help transpose JPDE - Sonata of Fire to Unity. He is now the team's main programmer and helped shift the team's developing efforts to the Unity engine.


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Concept artist, character artist and illustrator, Amaco has been with the JPDE team from day one. Possessing an acute sense of design and an eye for fashionable clothes, Amaco is the team's main concept artist, plus a sprite artist for JPDE - Sonata of Fire and Ars Oratoria.



3D Environment Artist from Serbia, Aleksandra is the newest addition to the team and the main background artist for Ore No Hero Academia. "I'm really happy to contribute to the ONHA project!"

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GUI and Graphic designer who has collaborated with more than 90 projects in the last two years, Re.Alice has provided the GUI for JPDE - Sonata of Fire and the graphical identity for Team JPDE itself




Writer first and composer second, with an insatiable drive to complete projects, fulfill promises, and achieve higher. "One could say the ambition is too darned high." Currently working on the visual novel "Women of Xal" as producer, writer, and composer, and on JPDE - Sonata of Fire and Ars Oratoria as composer.

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OddTillTheEnd is a composer who specializes in visual novel soundtracks. He has worked on over twelve visual novels, and is thrilled to be working on JPDE - Sonata of Fire and Ore no Hero Academia. You can find his latest original work by clicking on his avatar or name.



"It's an honor to be an artist for the project." Character Artist and Illustrator with a talent for flashy movements and action scenes, Arsonic has provided a large number of CGs for JPDE - Sonata of Fire.

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"Though it's just a short amount of time I've worked, I'm happy to be able to contribute to this project." Talented character artist and illustrator with clean lines and mastery of the female form, Lynus provides JPDE - Sonata of Fire with some of its most alluring CGs. 




A character artist from Australia who enjoys making merch, character designing and drawing for games and visual novels. Kiriponn has provided JPDE - Sonata of Fire with intimidating enemy sprites.

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DS-SANS is a visual novel developer of 4 years, working on romance titles, having just released his third VN: Chemically Bonded. He also has worked as a freelance GUI and logo artist for VNs in addition to working as a writer and scripter for several projects. He currently runs the ‘LoveVN’ VN community Discord server and Twitter account and has created the GUI for ONHA.



Chocojax is a 25 years old artist located in California who mainly focuses on illustrations, concept art, and 2.5D rigging while also dabbling in programming and writing. She's been drawing professionally for the past 5 years, and will continue to do so in the future. She's the main Sprite Artist for ONHA.

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